• On completion of his initial Electrical Engineering qualification in 2001, Mr. Manhe focused his studies on Project Management through the University of Potchefstroom, from where he graduated with a post graduate qualification in Project Management.
  • He also completed his Master’s degree in Project Management and graduated from the Executive Development Programme of Wits Business School in 2018.
  • With over 19 years of experience in the engineering sector, Mr. Manhe has acquired substantial knowledge in managing diverse mining related projects such as shaft sinking, underground development, tunnelling and plant.
  • During this time, he was employed by various internationally recognized companies such as Hatch Africa, Cosira Construction, Murray & Roberts Cementation, DRA, Sandvik, Anglo American and BHP Billiton.
  • He successfully concluded project portfolios valued at between R500 million and R5 billion as a senior manager and executive.
  • Key areas of responsibility ranged from project portfolio selection management, technology evaluation and prioritization modelling, operations reviews, business development, risk analysis, strategic business planning and organization leadership and management.
  • He was appointed as Managing Director of Shaft Sinkers Mining in January 2015 until 2017 with the portfolio of re-focusing and expanding the business.
  • He is the also the co-founder and non-executive of V3 Consulting Engineers, which has nine offices in South Africa. The company’s expertise is in infrastructure, predominately in the human settlement space. He took over as the CEO of V3 Consulting Engineers in April 2017 until March 2021.
  • Manhe’s wide-ranging experience acquired over 19 years in mining and construction stands him excellent stead in his dual role of Group Chairman and Executive Director in charge of overseeing Barzani Group.



  • Van den Berg grew Barzani Development into South Africa’s leading low-cost housing infrastructure company, taking it from start-up in 2009 and building it into a powerhouse with a current committed book of billions of Rands.
  • Van den Berg won the Govan Mbeki Award for the Best Developer in various provinces over the past few years.
  • The company is one of South Africa’s few 9GB/9CE registered developers, which means that its tender limit is “unlimited”. In just a few years, Mr. Van den Berg has developed the Barzani brand into a group of companies, adding mining, finance and asset management divisions to the group. The diversification makes the Barzani Group a major player in various sectors in South Africa as well as elsewhere in Africa.
  • As the visionary founder and leader of the Barzani Group, Mr. Van den Berg has established a sustainable relationship with various clients, including provincial and national government departments. He has extensive knowledge of all current economic, social, and regulatory issues.
  • His vision is to list the Barzani Group in the next few years and to ensure that the group remains the leader in various sectors as well as leading the change in South Africa.



  • Ian van der Westhuizen’s passion for the construction industry developed at a very young age. Putting his innovation, forward-thinking and never-say-die attitude to work, he has since 2009 helped to establish and grow Barzani Development with Mr. van den Berg (CEO) and Mr. Manhe (Chairman) into one of South Africa’s leading low-cost housing infrastructure companies.
  • Van der Westhuizen has 22 years of experience in the construction industry. As the Managing Director it is his responsibility to direct and control Barzani Development’s operations and to give strategic guidance and directions to the board to ensure that the company achieves its mission and objectives.
  • Van der Westhuizen has planned, implemented and successfully completed numerous housing, social housing, private development, civil, infrastructure and general construction projects in South Africa.
  • He is fully invested in, and committed to, the company and believes that Barzani will remain the leader in various sectors in South Africa, as well as developing into a global leader.



  • As Executive Mining Director, Mr. Thabo Moloto is responsible for the total operations of all Barzani’s mining activities.
  • He is a mining engineer by trade and holds a Mine Manager’s Certificate of Competency from the Department of Mineral and Energy Affairs.
  • Amongst other qualifications, he completed the Executive Development Programme of Wits Business School and is registered as a Project Management Professional by the US-based, globally recognized Project Management Institute.
  • He has vast and varied mining experience, having worked in coal, diamond and metalliferous mines. A decade of this expertise was gained in shaft sinking operations.
  • Moloto began his career as a Junior Mining Engineer on the diamond mines of De Beers, and later joined Grinaker-LTA’s Underground Mining Division where he progressed from a Junior Mining Engineer to Site Manager.
  • During his term at Grinaker-LTA, he acquired diverse experience in different commodity-based operations including coal, manganese, gold, platinum and shaft sinking operations.
  • Moloto then joined Shaft Sinkers in 2010. Here he progressed through the ranks: as a Site Manager, Contracts Manager, Operations Manager and Operations Director.
  • Before joining Barzani in 2018, Mr. Moloto was serving as the Managing Director of Shaft Sinkers Mining, part of the UMS group of companies, which he also serves as the interim Chairperson of the Board.
  • As director in charge of all mining operations, Mr. Moloto’s responsibility at Barzani is to work extensively with the Estimation and Business Development Unit of the company.
  • He is bolstered in this senior management role by his extensive experience in all facets of mining engineering operations, from open pit to underground mining including shaft sinking.
  • Moloto is hands-on involved in the day-to-day management of project key performance indicators, schedule management and monitoring, cost control and quality management. His role extends to managing relationships with key clients.



  • Ms. Sylvia Montwedi has been part of Barzani for a full decade. She started with the Group in 2011 as a Communications Manager, quickly climbed the corporate ladder and was promoted to Executive Director in 2014, the role in which she has since been serving the Board.
  • Montwedi represents the Group both on a community as well as a client level. Her role in the company is crucial to the successful implementation of the tri-party agreement which exists between Barzani Development, the community and the client.
  • Montwedi’s deep and extensive knowledge of South Africa’s current social issues gives her the edge when dealing with communities, municipalities, government departments and diverse other clients.
  • Her hands-on involvement with communities has seen her change the lives of more than 12,000 households and directly touching the lives of 72,000 individuals during her time at Barzani.
  • As one of only a few female directors on the board of a construction company, Ms. Montwedi has surmounted various challenges; she has shown that women, too, can be leaders and contribute to the change in the construction industry in South Africa. With her creative thinking and unmatched work ethic, she is crucial to the success of the company.